Gulf Naukri – Wanted For Korean Co Refinery Shutdown Project, Kuwait (9Months)


Gulf Naukri – Wanted For Korean Co Refinery Shutdown Project, Kuwait (9Months)
Recruitment in Kuwait Oil Company’s Responsibilities under the KPC’s Umbrella include the investigation, boring and generation of oil and gas inside the State of Kuwait. The Company is additionally engaged with the capacity of unrefined petroleum and conveyance to tankers for send out.KUWAIT is an oil rich country. Oil was found in Kuwait in  by the Oil Company of Kuwait in the Burquan field and was exchanged unprecedented for .Kuwait has a forsake climate, hot and dry. Kuwaitis are outstanding for their neighborliness and charity. So plan to be managed well while passing by Kuwait.CLICK THE BELOW LINK FOR APPLY JOB Email –
In  the Kuwait Oil Company Ltd. was developed by the Anglo-Persian Oil Wellhead bolster on  Organization, now known as the British Petroleum Company, and Gulf Oil Corporation, now known as Chevron Corporation. The Company practices had extended to fuse examination operations, on-shore and toward the ocean outlines, entering of test wells, and making of conveying fields despite harsh and combustible gas examinationCLICK THE BELOW LINK FOR APPLY JOB Email –
Foreman – Instrument
Instrument Technicians
Instrument Fitter
Structure Fitter
Structure Fabricator
Millwright Fitter
Airless Painter
Sand Blaster
3G – 4G Welder
Rigger (TUV / VELOSI)
Pipe Fabricator
Pipe Fitter
TIG + ARC Welder (CS) Email –
Consultancy: International Overseas Resource, Gujarat


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